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Friday, December 31, 2010

I hate mia thermopolis dot com

for all those who hate princess diaries, thus hating princess mia, here's a happy news for you.
I'm sure u must have heard about ihatemiathermopolis.com( click it)
here's one post

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Mia Thermopolis

10) She’s a princess.
9) The fact that she is constantly writing in that stupid journal.
8)She had the best boyfriend in the whole world, and she blew it.
7) Always whining about wanting to be self-actualized. Please. Self-actualization implies the attainment of the basic needs of physiological, safety/security, love/belongingness, and self-esteem. Who expects to have all that at sixteen?
6) She obsesses. About EVERYTHING.
5) What is up with the no-meat thing?
4) She can’t do even the simplest math problems.
3) Did I mention she’s a princess?
2) She’s a boy-friend-stealing byotch.
1) Her hair looks stupid.


  1. same going on about "PRECIOUS GIFT"MAKES ME WANT HURL FREAK BOYFREIND STEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hey abhira what ever your name is your JELOUS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Czy to orginalna strona założona przez Meg Cabot a w książce przez Lily Moscovitz?

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  4. Pyour reasons are tottaly bizzare..

  5. at least she is cool. you however are bossy, judgmental, winy, have glasses...the point is that u are not so good urself

  6. What for? She is normal and enough to drive her as the last loser. I do not care about the opinions of all the ostolnyh people. but I'm for it.